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Please ensure you take care of your earrings as they are delicately handmade with love. Polymer clay is a beautiful medium that is durable and flexible, but please refrain from bending or applying excessive force to your earrings as they may break if handled in such way.

Please avoid exposure to perfumes, hair spray, makeup and moisturisers. These may cause discolouration to your jewellery. 

TO CLEAN: Most makeup and other stains can be removed using rubbing alcohol on a q-tip.

BRASS COMPONENTS: Some earrings have a brass components added. Each component has been pre cleaned and polished. Naturally, over time brass can loose its shine, and begin to tarnish. To remove this tarnish simply use a q-tip with the vingerar method- (Little dash of baking powder, vinegar and lemon juice)  

With this method, please do your best to keep contact with the brass only, and not the clay itself. 

If you have any further questions regarding care for your earrings please reach out at

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