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Looking to add some personality and charm to your workspace? Look no further than our adorable desk pals! These kawaii-inspired creations are handmade and hand-painted, making them the perfect addition to any workspace in need of a pop of color or cuteness. Crafted from high-quality polymer clay and coated with waterproof resin, these desk pals are not only durable but also have a glossy finish. These little buddies are so versatile that they can also be used as terra buddies and placed on planters, adding a touch of whimsy to any green space.

Studio Ghibli has a special place in the hearts of many, as it was an integral part of their childhood. The animated films not only made us laugh and cry but also left an indelible impression with their breathtaking art style. To pay homage to the beloved characters of Studio Ghibli, we have curated a collection of desk pals that will take you down the memory lane and rekindle your nostalgia for these timeless classics.

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