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Designing Slabs

There are so many ways of making polymer clay jewellery. Every artist has their own unique way of creating their designs, some may cut their clay in different shapes and make something really attractive when they assemble it, some may mix it up or top it off with resin for that glossy finish as it also enhances the colours it's poured over.

For me it's definitely the slab method, thats to lay all the designs on a flat rolled clay and cut out the shapes needed after finishing the details. This allows me to have less stress wether I missed any element of the design as its very common to do so working on individual pieces and it's also very satisfying to peel of the unwanted clay and marvel at the final design.

This method may not be everyones cup of tea as it requires a lot of patience and also that it wastes a lot of clay. I usually always find some fascinating colours to work with the left over clay so I make sure there's no wastage. That saying all my pieces aren't only slab designs, I work with resin and individual pieces too.

Most of my designs are inspired by nature, I love making flowers and foliage and using a needle to carve out the details. It's like therapy to me.

The pieces from this slab featured here are the Teal Forest earrings available at my shop.

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